Age of Arrogance

Age of Arrogance

अहङ्कारको युग • 오만의 시대 • City of Arrogance • The Era of Pride • 傲慢的时代 • ยุคแห่งความโอหัง

34 Chapters Ongoing Status


The lord of Perbaz, who led the 28-year war to victory, 'Asha Perbaz'. For Pervaz, who was devastated by the long war, Asha heads to the imperial family to receive the victory reward promised by the emperor. However, the only reward that came back was the . As the best choice, Asha pointed out the 'Duke of Carlisle Haven', the first prince who had recently been deprived of the title of crown prince. If she refused, she intended to receive alimony from the emperor... "Marquis Perbaz. I will accept your marriage proposal." Contrary to expectations, the Duke of Carlisle accepted Asha's choice. Promising tremendous support for Pervaz... !


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