I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold

I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold


174 Chapters Ongoing Status


Down-and-Out University Student Chen Yuan, Devotedly Pursues Goddess Lin Shutong for Three Years, Gets Kicked in the Face. In His Grief, He Accidentally Activates the "Licking Dog System" with a Memory of 90 Trillion Licking Dog Money, Solely for Licking Women. The More You Spend, the More You Get Back, and You Can Also Obtain Various Attribute Bonuses, Transforming into a Little Superhero. It's Called the Licking Dog System, but Do I Really Want to Be a Licking Dog? As Long as I Lick Enough, I'll Be the King. As Long as I Prove My Love with Enough Money, I Can Turn the Goddess into My Licking Dog! At This Moment, Chen Yuan, Who Has Undergone a Great Awakening, Embarks on His Life as a Rich and Licking Dog.


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