The Time of Rebirth

The Time of Rebirth

I Was Stuck on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years ; I Was Trapped on the Same Day for a Hundred Millennium ; 10만 년째 오늘을 살던 놈 ; 十万年の無限ループから脱出し

442 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lin Yue crossed to the Hongmeng Continent, but he was accused of being on the same day for one hundred thousand years. No matter how he struggles, he will return to yesterday after dawn. In one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue learned all the knowledge, understood the secrets of countless sect powerhouses, and gradually admitted that he could not escape the cycle of reincarnation. However, on the last day of one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue took away the Seven Demon King’s Fiancee, cut off the arm of the son of the Supreme Elder. After a catastrophe, he found that a new day had opened for him...


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